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Wooden Wild Animal Stacking Toy

Wooden Wild Animal Stacking Toy

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Back to the Wild: Wooden Wild Animal Stacking Toy!

A captivating introduction to key shapes and colors, the Balancing Wild Animal Stacking Toy provides a hands-on learning experience, showcasing the beauty of nature through play.

Wooden Sensory 3D Puzzle Montessori Toy:

Crafted with care, this beautifully constructed toddler Montessori toy offers three main play factors: shape sorting, balancing animals, and imaginative play.

High Quality and Eco-Friendly:

Made from high-quality natural wood, this toy ensures long-lasting fun while caring for our planet. Suitable for children 36 months and over, it includes 5 pairs of Wild Animals (2 x Elephant, 2 x Crocodile, 2 x Bear, 2 x Leopard, 2 x Hippo).

Great Learning Tool:

Designed to enhance learning play in young kids, fostering imagination, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and social skills for early development.

Certified Quality:

All Toys undergo rigorous testing, meeting the highest safety standards and complying with international toy safety standards. Made from renewable resources with non-toxic paints & lacquers, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly play experience.

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